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Our Jacksonville driving school center is the perfect place to do your driving test and get your license. We help you in every way to get your skills and confidence where they need to be to pass the road skills test and get your drivers license with as little headache as possible. One of the most common question we hear regarding the driving license test is “what in the world will I be tested on?”

First off, it’s important to note that the driving test is not required when you get your Florida learners permit or restricted license. When you get you learners permit you are required to take a drug and alcohol traffic education course and a written DMV test. Both can be completed online.

Behind the Wheel Test

An operators license is the Florida drivers license you get when you are ready to drive on your own – either after having a learners permit for a year or as an adult over 18. To get your operator’s license you will take a behind the wheel test and perform specific maneuvers. Note that you must bring your own car and it must be in good running condition. Our goal is to teach safe and defensive driving skills to every student who visits our Jacksonville driving school road testing center.

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Jacksonville Driving School, student driving car on simulator
At our Jacksonville Driving School, Learn to drive with our driving Simulator

To drive safely, you have to control your vehicle in the right way particularly because you will be sharing the road with a number of careless drivers. Relevant skills are important to any driver who wants to drive safely and avoid accumulation of points on their driving license.

In fact, statistics show that over 110 individuals lose their life each day in the United States while over 12,603 individuals suffer severe injuries per day. But the good news is, over 90% of the accidents are avoidable.

Our simulator at our Jacksonville Driving School location is designed to help new and experienced drivers learn what they should do to prevent vehicle crashes after getting their driver’s license. Training technology is proven to provide hands-on driving experience to both veteran and novice drivers, who require expert coaching.

Many students in Duval County and beyond have benefited from the All Florida Safety Institute driving simulator system, which allows customization of programs for various vehicles and driving abilities. Our system boasts a differentiated cockpit, which is very different from the common research-based and gaming models in the market – the producer designed it purposely for drivers.

After using the system, drivers can manage to avoid crashes, mainly because with the system they can practice until they develop the needed muscle memory. To develop safe driving skills, they need to practice the skills in several driving environments and road hazard conditions.

Unlike what some people think, the program does not change the art of driving. Almost every trainer will tell you that experienced public safety and seasoned fleet drivers are likely to make the same mistakes teen drivers make when trying to avoid a collision. The  is not a substitute for the real behind-the-wheel training – it offers collateral training with solid benefits that a driver should consider.

The system exposes students to dangerous scenarios in real virtual environments while still in class. A scenario like head on collision avoidance, angle crash or intersection crash avoidance would be hard to practice on a real road. This allows for implications of negative and positive decision processes a driver can play in entirety.

Another great benefit of the system is that every student gets the exact same experience. When driving on a real road, you are likely to face engine, tire and environmental problems, which can affect the consistency of your driving. However, that is not the case. This has to be housed in an environmentally controlled room, such as a classroom and the trainer programs every scenario. That means that all students face the same decision process.

Students can learn at any time of the day, regardless of the lighting conditions or weather. The factors make a repeatable training regimen that trainers and students can track and document. With that, under-performing students cannot put blame on the trainer or the environmental conditions. The trainer can also record everything that the students do when learning. That is why most veteran and new drivers are considering the simulator for their training. You will gain more driving skills without going to a real road.