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We believe that learning to drive,  needs to happen in a calm, environment. Get  professional advice and help from state-certified instructors and examiners that know how to get it done. Trust us to administer the practice test for your Florida’s Drivers license

Our extensive range of services are and are backed by over 50 years of experience in driver education and license testing. We can help you with any of your new licensing needs!

Here at All Florida Road Test, the staff always try to make the testing process as comfortable and informative as possible.

We Are Here For You

Our job is to prepare you for everything you may encounter on the roads of Florida and beyond. With testing routes all over Northeast, Central and West Florida, getting your Florida driver’s license with confidence has never been easier!

With today’s roadways and growing number of motorists, it is more important than ever to become a safe driver. The best method to become a safe driver while acquiring your license is to spend hours of time practicing with a certified driving instructor. We are Florida’s premiere 3rd party administer for official Class-E Driver License testing for both the knowledge and skills requirements. We guide you through every step of getting your drivers license and driving safely on highways and at night. Skip the headaches at your local tax collector’s office and take your Class-E Road Skills Test with us! No car? No problem! We offer the use of our vehicles to take your test in! Everyone is different, so each of our offerings is customized to best fit your needs and learning style.