Knowledge Testing

Also known as Written Test or Permit Test
The second step in getting your license in Florida

How It Works

Knowledge Test: Getting Your Learner's Permit in Florida

In Florida, before a new driver can get a driver’s license or a learner’s permit they must complete a knowledge test (a.k.a. Permit Test, Written Test, Road Signs & Road Rules Test). Prior to taking this Knowledge Test, make sure you have already completed the T.L.S.A.E Course.

The Knowledge Test is a timed 1 Hour test comprised of 50 questions based on the material found in the Florida Driver’s Handbook. Most of the questions are situational, so a firm understanding of rules and regulations outlined in the handbook is essential. Only about 10% of the test is related to road signs. You must score at least 80% or 40 out of 50 correct answers to pass the test. You are eligible to take the Knowledge Test once you turn 15 years of age, and is required for all new license applicants in the state.

Taking The Knowledge Test

Testing Online

Only Available to Applicants UNDER 18 Years Old

As of July 6, 2011 the Knowledge or Permit Test can be taken online; only if you are under 18.  You can sign up for your online knowledge test using the link below. In order to pass your test the first time, we do recommend a solid 8-10 hours of studying in the Florida Driver’s Handbook and taking a practice test prior to the actual test

Testing In Person

Available to Applicants of ANY Age

If you are over 18 years of age, you can give us a call to schedule your knowledge test at one of our 24 locations across the state. We’re NOT the DMV so your test-taking environment is quiet and calm so that you can focus on your test.  When you call, ask about our practice tests and tutoring sessions to help you succeed! Call us any time to schedule 904-838-0055.

After the Knowledge Test

Whether you take the test online or in-person, your results will automatically get transmitted to the Florida DMV electronically, so you don’t need a certificate. As long as you have completed the T.L.S.A.E. Course & the Knowledge Test you can pick up your Florida Learner’s License or “Permit”. Click Here for a list of required documents you’ll need to bring with you to the DMV to get it. Regardless of age, in order to take your Road Test (a.k.a. Driving Test, Behind the Wheel Test) with a Third Party Administrator (like us!) you must be in possession of a valid Florida Learner’s License. This lets us know you can legally operate a vehicle in the state of Florida for your Road Test. It’s a common misconception that new license applicants don’t need to get a Learner’s License. 

Are you over 18?

If you are 18 or over  state law requires you to take your test in person. Please click over 18 to call (904) 838-0055 and schedule your Permit Test in person. If you are under 18 please click under 18 and you may schedule your test online.