Frequently asked questions

Schedule a Road Test

How to Make an Appointment With All Florida Road Test?

Click any schedule now button, pick a location, then pick a time slot and any additional needs. Once checkout is complete you are set.  

How to Confirm Your Appointment?

 You will receive a confirmation email once your checkout is finalized.  You will also receive another email with login information; here you can login to your account and see your scheduled road test, reschedule or cancel if needed.

Please contact our call center at 904-838-0055 for help with scheduling an appointment.

Can’t Schedule Online?

If you meet any of the following criteria, you will not be able to schedule online:

  • You are a foreign national and do not have a social security number
  • Your learner’s permit expired
  • You do not have a leaners permit
  • You have failed more than three times with any TPA


What to Expect During Your Driving Test?

The road test will take roughly fifteen minutes to complete.  Please try to show up five minutes before your appointment, to avoid delays and rescheduling.  Below is a list of maneuvers that you will have to perform in the driving test. 


  • Turn Around
    Turn your car around in a 30 to 40-foot space. This is historically known as a three-point turn. Awareness and precision is key in this maneuver.
  • Shifting Gears
    If your car is manual shift you must be able to shift smoothly.
  • Parking
    Park your car in a straight in parking spot. You should be centered in the parking spot. No more parallel parking test.
  • Stop Quickly
    Driving at 20 MPH you are expected to make a quick and safe stop when the examiner tells you to stop.
  • Backing Up
    You will be asked to backup for roughly 50 feet at a slow speed. You should turn your head and look to the rear not use the rear view mirror or a camera.
  • Stop Signs
    You will be expected to come to a complete stop and use your turn signals to indicate if you are turning. Then you are expected to proceed into the intersection only when it is safe.
  • Signal and Turn
    Get into the correct lane and signal that you are turning for 100 feet before you turn.
  • Stay in the Correct Lane
    Drive in the right lane except on a one-way street. Only change lanes if it is safe.

Current Driving Test Requirments?

What To Expect At The Branch

  • We request wear a mask during your driving exam if you have not been fully vaccinated. 
  • If you are feeling sick please reschedule your appointment within 24 hours.
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  • You must be accompanied by an individual who has a valid driver's license.
  • No one besides the AFSI examiner is allowed in your vehicle when you take the driving test.

What To Bring With You

  • A valid Florida learner's permit
  • Close toed shoes

  • Your examination vehicle must be insured to the state’s minimum liability insurance standard.
  • The vehicle must pass a vehicle inspection just before going on a skills exam (e.g., 2 brake lights working, all 4 turn signals working, doors operational, no cracked windshield or hindering the line of sight, no spare tires and tires must meet legal specifications for tread depth which is 2/32").
  • No one but the individual taking the skills exam can be in the car with the skills examiner.
  • If for any reason the skills examiner determines the vehicle is unsafe, the skills exam will be canceled and the applicant can return at another time to take another skills exam when they have a vehicle that is in safe operating condition.
  • The vehicle must be legally equipped and in safe and clean condition.
  • The vehicle used must be properly registered.

  • AFSI  Examiners are required to wear masks.
  • State certified and successfully passed a level 2 background check.

Failure of Driving Test?

  • If you fail a driving test, you must wait until the following calendar day before taking another driving test.
  • If you fail 5 driving test within a calendar, you must wait another calendar year before attempting another driving test.
  • The examiners decision is final.

What to Bring to the DMV?

After you have passed your test, you can pick up your permit or license at the DMV.  The following is what you will need to bring with you.

  • Primary Identification (Birth Certificate, Passport, Government issued I.D Card)
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Residential Address (2 forms)