4 Hour
T.L.S.A.E. Course

Also known as the Drug & Alcohol Course
Required for all new license applicants in Florida

How It Works


Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education Course

The 4-hour Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (T.L.S.A.E), also known as DATA, START, Drug and Alcohol Course,  is required for all new drivers getting their license. This is the first step in the State of Florida graduated licensing process. If you are a teenager getting your learner permit, this is the first required step for you.

The T.L.S.A.E. course teaches how alcohol, drugs, distractions and many other factors effect your ability to drive. You are required to spend a minimum of 4 hours taking the course but you can spread that out logging in and out of the course on your schedule. Once you complete all the sections of the course there is a test. You can take the test as many times as necessary but if you pay attention to the course materials it is a straight forward process to finish.

Sign Up for T.L.S.A.E.

Click the button below to begin your registration, you’ll be directed to our affiliate at getyoufloridapermit.com. Make sure you use your legal name and information or the DMV won’t be able to find your results! You will also answer a series of security questions – these questions will pop up at random during the course to make sure it is you who is taking the course.

Take the Course

There are 8 sessions in the course ranging from ‘Driver Attitude’ to ‘How Alcohol and Drugs Affect Driving’ and each has a required time you must spend before you can take the quiz and move on to the next session. You’ll be able to log in and out of the course between sessions if you don’t finish in one sitting.

Once You Pass

When you complete the course and pass the final exam, your completion information is automatically transmitted to the Florida DMV. (The DMV no longer accepts paper certificates for this course). The DMV will look up your information electronically, based on the information you signed up with.

Take the Knowledge Test

After completing the T.L.S.A.E. Course, the next step towards getting your license is to pass the Knowledge Test (a.k.a. Permit Test, Written Test, Road Signs & Road Rules Test). Click the button below to learn more about Knowledge Testing!