Road Testing

Class E Road Skills Testing

All Florida Road Testing is Florida largest 3rd party administrator of the Class E skills test. When you get your drivers license in Florida you have to take a behind the wheel driving test. The most common question we receive about the driving test is “what exactly will I be tested on?”.

First it’s important to make it clear that the driving test is not required when you get your Florida learners permit or restricted license. When you get you learners permit you are required to take a drug and alcohol traffic education course and a written DMV test. Both can be completed online.

Behind the Wheel Test

An operators license is the Florida drivers license you get when you are ready to drive on your own – either after having a learners permit for a year or as an adult over 18. To get your operator’s license you will take a behind the wheel test and perform specific maneuvers. Note that you must bring your own car and it must be in good running condition.

Below is a list of the maneuvers you will have to perform in Florida driving test:

Turn Around
Turn your car around in a 30 to 40-foot space. This is historically known as a three-point turn. Awareness and precision is key in this maneuver.

Shifting Gears
If your car is manual shift you must be able to shift smoothly.

Park your car in a straight in parking spot. You should be centered in the parking spot. No more parallel parking test.

Stop Quickly
Driving at 20 MPH you are expected to make a quick and safe stop when the examiner tells you to stop.

Backing Up
You will be asked to backup for roughly 50 feet at a slow speed. You should turn your head and look to the rear not use the rear view mirror or a camera.

Stop Signs
You will be expected to come to a complete stop and use your turn signals to indicate if you are turning. Then you are expected to proceed into the intersection only when it is safe.

Signal and Turn
Get into the correct lane and signal that you are turning for 100 feet before you turn.

Stay in the Correct Lane
Drive in the right lane except on a one-way street. Only change lanes if it is safe.

Full details for the Florida driving test are in the drivers manual which can be found HERE.